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Focus on R&D and production of smart wearables.

Smart Watch

Smart Watch

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Wireless Earphones

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Power Bank

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Custom Sourcing

With our one-stop solution, we relieve you of the hassle of finding specific cell phone parts and accessories.

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New Tech by Shenzhen Vanzone

VANZONE was founded by a group of people with the same business philosophy at the very beginning. The Core Values and Mission are the DNA of our success in the past as well as the future we believe. While the Vision we have can only be realized by constantly creating unique values for our customers and embracing any challenges on the road.


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High-Quality Cell Phone Parts & Accessories!

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Customize Capability

Our five R&D engineers come with an average of five years' industry experience and can release about five new products monthly, keeping us abreast with current trends. You are welcome to have us customize samples to your specifications.

100% Quality Inspection

Every customer's goods must be fully inspected by our 2 engineers and 5 quality inspectors in strict accordance with VANZONE's quality inspection standard documents after the factory's quality inspection.


VANZONE builds direct relationships with device manufacturers. From materials, to customized consultation, we have what you need. This means we can provide fast quotation and shipping cost to your needs.

An Overview Of Earphones

An Overview Of Earphones 2022.01.14

If you were to picture headphones in your mind, you would likely envision either: 1) closed-back headphones, which fit over the head and feature cups that go on top of the ears; or 2) earbuds, which stick directly into your ear canal to produce sound.


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